"Thank you for making first aid fun, and for creating such a comfortable learning environment."

Here’s what customers are saying about our first aid classes:  

“Rishka was 10/10 – best CPR educator I have had and probably top educator around. Very educated and aware. Great instructor who relates course to real life situations. I like the hands on education.”


“I loved how easy it was to enroll in the course. Rishka was great! She is obviously very passionate about the topics and that translates into keeping us engaged. The structure of the course was great and at each step she shared a relatable REAL story to help take a theoretical situation and make it more real. Thank you so much!”


“I heard about Thunder Bay First Aid through peers at school. I enjoyed how many scenarios were used as a learning tool. Marty was very friendly and made an effort to call all of his students by name.”


“I enjoyed all the activities we did after teaching, which helps to understand better. Everything went great and we had plenty of time to practice and ask questions if we had any. Rishka is great. I had a great time learning from her and learned a lot as well. I would definitely recommend Thunder Bay First Aid to my friends.”



“Rishka was an energetic and one of the best facilitators of training I have ever experienced!”


“Rishka, you were killer! Honestly so informative and super easy going. However I loved how she took this course seriously, and she had this stellar attitude which I have nothing but time for! I’ve learned a lot and feel like I might/can help people now if ever put into these situations. Would I recommend Thunder Bay First Aid? HELL YES!!! EVERYONE SHOULD TAKE THIS COURSE! Twas a pleasure!”



“I enjoyed Rishka’s stories and would change NOTHING about the course. Rishka was AMAZING and helped me feel comfortable.”


“I enjoyed everything about the 2 day course. It was engaging, fun, entertaining!! Wish it was 3 days! Rishka is perfection, I feel a lot safer with the knowledge I’ve been given.”


“This was one of the best first aid classes I have attended. Rishka was awesome and super engaging! Course equipment was clean and in great condition. Facility was clean, nice and convenient location. Rishka was very clear with her teaching, made the learning process easy and fun!”




“Amaaaaaaaazing! Rishka was very interactive and made the class fun and enjoyable. Thank you!”


“Note: I wasn’t excited to spend my weekend and birthday taking the course but… I enjoyed it lots!! Great course! Marty’s stories were thoroughly enjoyed! Lots of examples, stories and scenarios. I have already recommended Marty’s course to many people. Great instructor!”


“An absolute treat for a student to be taught by Rishka. Her coolness and knowledge of the subjects makes this course easy and fun to learn. She is a very informative tutor and the class was also very structured and easy to comprehend.”


“Rishka is a perfect instructor. Very professional and fun at the same time while covering everything effectively. I enjoyed her teaching method and the way she kept us all involved in the class.”



“I enjoyed the hands-on use of equipment and the practice dealing with possible scenarios. Marty has a lot of experience and kept it light so it wasn’t stressful at all.”


“5 star AMAZING!!! I will most definitely come back for my recertification. Rishka was kind, fun, professional and knowledgeable.”



“I heard about Thunder Bay First aid through an online search. I enjoyed the way Marty taught slowly and encouraged us. Everything was great. I give Marty an A+ in every aspect.”



“Rishka was very thorough and extremely passionate! By far the most passionate instructor I have ever had, cared for both people and her profession.”


“As an instructor I’d give Marty a 5 on a scale of 1-5. He was great in his explanation, he made it practical enough and made great connections which also helped.”


“Rishka took her time to teach the students and made sure every student was involved.”


“Rishka was amazing! Enthusiastic and easy to follow. Practice and pace were perfect to keep me engaged, and the location has easy access to subway stations and lunch options. Rishka was so helpful, personable, friendly, engaging and supportive throughout the class, regardless of people’s skill level/ability.”



“Marty was very professional, obviously experienced and had great understanding and knowledge. I liked how he used real life scenarios and humour to teach. I would 100% recommend Thunder Bay First Aid!”


“I heard about Thunder Bay First Aid through my university. BEST INSTRUCTOR!”



“I enjoyed the relaxed environment. Rishka was very professional and willing to clear any confusion. Kept things interesting/effective with real life stories.”



“Marty is an excellent instructor. The course was very interactive and was hands-on rather than lecture which is much better for learning. Any lecture portions were interspersed to make them more enjoyable.”



“Rishka is professional and shares her experiences with the students which really helps to remember the key things. Thank you Rishka! She keeps the class highly engaged which makes it super effective.”



“What I enjoyed most about the course was its interactive nature. Rishka is obviously very well-informed and patient with any questions. The structure was well designed by her and well explained. The language was simple and easy to follow.”


“I enjoyed the games and practice. Rishka is very excellent, friendly and an approachable person.”